User Agreement


The exasport network/directory was developed as an internet-based information distribution system specific to grassroots and amateur sports related content.  Individual users will be provided with a dynamic environment in which they can network and market their abilities.  Registered organizations will be afforded similar opportunities to market their various products and services.  Users of the network/directory will access or consume the majority of available content through the published profiles of registered athletes, coaches, officials, organizations, etc.

In a general sense users of the exasport network/directory can be grouped into one of two types; browsers and/or clients.  The former represents any user that visits the web site and browses through content without the intention or ability to log into the system.  The latter, refers to any user that has been registered in the National Sports Registry (NSR) and possesses a secure login. 

The exasport network/directory is unique in the sense that it is specific to grassroots sports and its various stakeholders in local communities across the nation.  There are a number of other features and functions that will help to further distinguish it from other directories which include:

  1. The system features profiles of both organizations and individuals;
  2. Each profile is able to be administrated by the individual that created it or any affiliated individual(s) authorized to do so;
  3. The network/directory was designed with a number of safeguards and features that will enhance the credibility of the information made public by account/profile administrators;
  4. The system also provides threads that link individual users with the teams, programs and/or organizations they choose to affiliate themselves with.

Network/directory users are not required to log into the system in order to access its content, nor are they required to pay any fees.  If however, a user does possess a secure login they will gain improved access to many network features and services.

If or when a user elects to register his/her self into the National Sport Registry (NSR) they are in fact agreeing to all the terms and conditions laid out in this document.  The terms and conditions of this agreement encompass all of Exodus Athletics Corporation’s online properties individually and collectively including the NSR and the exasport network/directory. 

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully, as they form the basis of the agreement between you and Exodus Athletics Corporation.  Exodus Athletics Corporation is the sole owner of the information collected in the National Sports Registry and subsequently made available through the “exasport” network/directory.  If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you may not become a registered user and should not proceed with your registration.