Privacy Policy

Information Collection & Use


The exasport online network/directory is essentially an internet-based information distribution system that facilitates access to grassroots and amateur sports related information.  Users are afforded a dynamic environment in which they can network and market their abilities, products and/or services.  Information available through this online network/directory will include profiles of individual participants, schools, club programs, Community & Recreation Centres, public parks, etc.

Users of this network/directory may possess a registered account or not.  Those without will visit the web site and browse its content without the intention or ability to log into the system.  Those with a secure login will gain the ability to include themselves in the network/directory and promote what they do, where they do it and with whom.  Registered program administrators will have the added benefit of being able to manage rosters and administrate specific programs or events. 

All accounts are initiated through the National Sports Registry (NSR).  The information collected is collected in a general sense for the purpose of sharing with other users in the promotion of the subject individual or organization. 

Users of this network/directory have an expectation of being able to access information that is correct and true.  Though this cannot be guaranteed with any certainty a number of counter measures will be taken to help ensure the validity of published content.  Each account administrator is solely responsible for the content and assertions made through their profile(s).  Personal profiles are designed to be affiliated with a recognized organization and/or association.  Any personal profile that exists in the network/directory that is not so affiliated should be reviewed with caution.  In fact, users are encouraged to research and verify the qualifications and accreditations of any individual they happen across through use of the network/directory by contacting affiliated organizations and asking the appropriate questions.

In the event any account administrator is found to have willfullymisrepresents him/her self or any organization they are affiliated with that individual will be subject to disciplinary action administered at the sole discretion of system administrators.  Such actions may include the temporary suspension or permanent deletion of the user account, associated profile(s) and/or any other content published by the party in question.  Culpability may engulf any individual or organization that is aligned with the guilty party.  In addition to the loss of credibility going forward parties that willfully attempt to mislead or misrepresent information published in this network/directory may also be subject to criminal proceedings.  System administrators pledge compliance and cooperation with the appropriate law enforcement authorities in every situation that warrants it.